OFN.org recently debuted a redesigned home page and site menu as well as an entirely new CDFI Connect blog. Our intention is to increase engagement with the opportunity finance brand, not only among our supporters and Members, but also to create new connections with  individuals and organizations who are committed to social and economic justice. In case you haven’t had a chance to explore all the new site features, here is a quick tour:

Expanded Home Page Design

We rethought the home page presentation to address the needs of our audiences as well as to reflect the latest in web design best practices. New visitors can immediately learn about CDFIs, OFN, and the work we do through our “We Believe in Opportunity. For All.” video and a shortcut to our infographic on OFN Members’ impact numbers.

New Menu Structure and Extended Content

The site’s menu structure offers an expanded view into the content so visitors can find what they’re looking for more easily. With a new menu structure, we are now able to put more emphasis on some of our content. In particular, we’ve expanded the Member and Advocacy sections.

Promotion Area

A new promotional area showcases upcoming events and the latest publications from OFN.

New CDFI Connect Blog

CDFI Connect promises to live up to its name by bringing together opportunity finance experts, practitioners, borrowers, and partners for a daily dialogue. Updated daily, the blog features the latest in industry news and events, and shares diverse perspectives on the industry’s role in a changing market.

Comment, Discuss, Share

The blog features the ability to truly engage in a conversation via Disqus, an open source engagement and community platform. We encourage you to use this feature to comment on blog posts and begin your own conversations around the content we are sharing.


Make Headlines

Send us your CDFI news by email, or by tweet to @OppFinance.


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