Services for CDFI Investors

  • OFN provides services for those looking to make CDFI investments.


Services for CDFI Investors

Many of the nation's largest banks, corporations, and foundations, as well as government agencies and other socially-responsible investors, engage us to help them:

  • Develop and deliver customized briefings and trainings on the CDFI Industry and underwriting CDFIs
  • Design, launch, or grow CDFI investment programs
  • Develop CDFI investment strategies and products to support community reinvestment (CRA) and corporate social responsibility goals
  • Craft CDFI investment selection criteria and conduct market analysis to meet geographic, lending sector, credit quality, and impact objectives
  • Perform due diligence on investments, loans, or grants to CDFIs, including operating, lending, financial, and impact reviews

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Contact Donna Fabiani, Executive Vice President, Knowledge Sharing, at 202.836.8794.