OFN is committed to helping CDFIs and their partners expand geographic coverage so that all communities have access to the types of affordable, responsible financial products and services they need.

An important piece of this work is OFN’s CDFI Coverage Map. This mapping tool helps measure CDFI coverage—where CDFIs are located, where they are providing financing and other services, which financing sectors they are serving, and how these trends change over time. The CDFI Coverage Map is built on the PolicyMap [LL2] platform, a powerful mapping software created by Reinvestment Fund, an OFN Member CDFI.

Are you on the Map?

Here are the Top Ten Reasons your CDFI should join more than 100 other CDFIs across the country on OFN’s CDFI Coverage Map:

  1. Create a visual representation of your organization’s individual loan data since 2010. Searchable by state, congressional district, and even down to the Census block group!
  2. Analyze your borrower locations in relation to other CDFI lending activities to discover opportunities for future CDFI collaborations.
  3. Map data layers such as race and ethnicity, income, unemployment, and CDFI investment areas to see how these overlap with your organization’s lending activities. Is your organization overlooking mission-fit lending opportunities in nearby New Market Tax Credit Eligible tracts or in areas with limited food access, low educational attainment, or high housing cost burdens?
  4. Compare geographic characteristics of loans by type – Business, Microenterprise, Housing to Organizations, Commercial Real Estate and Communities Services, and Consumer and Housing to Individuals. Determine your target area’s most prevalent CDFI loan types.
  5. Create your own maps! Coverage Map includes dozens of relevant indicators from PolicyMap’s data library, offering hundreds of different data layer combinations. Once your organization’s loans are on Coverage Map, overlay any of these indicators to illustrate your lending’s geographic characteristics.
  6. Print your maps! Coverage Map includes a print function that converts your map view to a JPEG for illustrating your lending activity to colleagues, investors, clients, and policymakers.
  7. Discover where OFN Member CDFIs and all certified CDFIs are located. Coverage Map lets you map every CDFI’s headquarters and branch locations.
  8. Sort by specific Institution type with data filters by loan funds, low-income credit unions, and banks.
  9. Support OFN’s Public Policy mission! Coverage Map data is used to support OFN’s Public Policy initiatives by providing visual representations of CDFI impact down to the congressional district and even Census tract and block group levels.
  10. Help OFN work towards its goal of Demand Measurement that will assist in determining where increase CDFI capacity in the future.

Questions about the Coverage Map or want to include your data? Contact me today.



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